PocketToolman build 36 2.26.48

Get quick access to system functions


  • Quick access to Control Panel applets
  • Adds a clear drop-down menu


  • No new functionality

Very good

If you're a busy person and don't want to waste time plundering menu systems all day then it's high time you installed some sort of productivity applications on your Pocket PC. PocketToolman is such a program, providing you with instant access to a range of tools that are normally buried within the settings menu.

The software adds a drop-down menu on the toolbar of your device, which adds an almost overwhelming array of features. Among the most useful - or at least the ones you're likely to use the most - are the ability to stop, lock and restart your system; access the configuration menu, turn off the screen, display the battery indicator, and disconnect all sorts of resources such as Bluetooth, WiFi, RAS, etc.

Although PocketToolman doesn't actually add any functions you can't already perform on your device, the program provides a neat platform for accessing your exisiting settings much quicker.



PocketToolman build 36 2.26.48

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